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Wood Fired Custom Pizzas and Stromboli - Menu

12 Inch Medium


(Optional) $$ Style:Flatbread Style Gluten Free +$3Cauliflower Crust +$3
(Select 1) Sauce:Basil Pesto Sauce Signature Pizza Sauce Scorpion Pepper® Pizza Infernos Tangy BBQ Sauce Olive Oil & Garlic
(Optional) Meat Toppings:Anchovies +$1.75Cherry Wood Ham +$1.75Chorizo +$1.75Grilled Chicken +$1.75Italian Sausage +$1.75Meatballs +$1.75Pepperoni +$1.75Pulled Pork +$1.75Salami +$1.75Wood Smoked Bacon +$1.75
(Optional) Toppings:Artichoke Hearts +$1.75Fresh Basil +$1.75Fresh Spinach +$1.75Green Olives +$1.75Green Bell Peppers +$1.75Jalapenos +$1.75Kalamata Olives +$1.75Mushrooms +$1.75Pepperoncini +$1.75Pineapple +$1.75Red Bell Peppers +$1.75Red Onions +$1.75Roasted Garlic +$1.75Roma Tomatoes +$1.75Sundried Tomatoes +$1.75Tomato Medley +$1.75
(Optional) Extra Cheese:Feta +$1.75Gorgonzola +$0.75Extra Mozzarella +$1.75Shaved Parmesan +$-0.25
(Optional) Premium Toppings:Fresh Mozzarella +$3.25Ricotta +$3.25Scorpion Pepper Sausage +$3.25